Month: July 2017

The More You Holmes

From: ep. 2.1 (and also brought up frequently in the rest of Seasons 2 and 3)

Event (costume):¬†Sherlock, in an attempt to hide his face from paparazzi, grabs a random hat from a costume rack as he leaves a building. It’s a deerstalker. He mutters, “I’m a private detective; the last thing I need is a public image.” The resulting pictures of him in the hat become iconic and famous.

Reference: Though in the canon, Holmes only wears hats like this when in the

Sidney Paget

Original canon illustrator Sidney Paget was a big part of the reason why Holmes has been pictured in this hat since way back then.

country, as is normal for a Victorian gentleman (and the hat is only mentioned in Doyle’s words once, as an “ear-flapped travelling cap”), the most famous image of Sherlock Holmes in global culture is that of his profile in the deerstalker hat (and meerschaum pipe, which is also not from canon). There’s a glorious line in ep. 2.3, when John is admonishing Sherlock about not being careful enough with his fame. He says, “That’s not a deerstalker anymore; it’s a Sherlock Holmes hat.” And he’s right.



Blog Post Apocalyptic 

Well I do have a rather involved post relating to my Video Killed The Paper Star planned for you, lovely lurkers, but suffice to say the work involved in composing it is anathema to the work involved in…well, the rest of my work.

So, for the nonce: a check-in and a run-down. 

Denver Comic Con went well, as did the bikini car wash event I did that Sunday for Boulder Burlesque. Nasty sunburn notwithstanding. Methinks the Aged Goth need not participate in an event like that again…yipes. I mean,  I’m still peeling.

Last week was my week with the teenaged ballerinas in Longmont. This is the stage combat gig I do each summer, and it was nice to see everybody again and to have the very young students drain my life force from me (in the best of ways). It’s good, bc I have a very full class coming up this fall at Metro and I needs must get back into fighting trim. But it’ll happen, and this week helped. The SO and I, too, have started training a wee bit together, in an informal sort of way, and I’m hoping between that and adding to my (and actually making it into a) daily yoga regime, I shall be suitably badass by the time late August rolls around.

Summer college has been pretty fun, though: the FRCC comp 1 students recently created some entertaining Grammar Lesson videos, and have now moved on to their condensed semester’s culmination, The Researched Argument (enter epic music here). Topics this semester include: ecological subjects such as saving the wolves and green commuting, subjects on sexuality such as LGBTQIA rights and the legalizing of prostitution, health topics like how diet fads are destructive, and how video games improve one’s cognition, amongst many others. The capstone students at DU are composing analytical papers as well as creative work: two Christian-themed memoir pieces in this group. And Metro’s Staging Cultures class just read Angels In America and M. Butterfly (guess which marginalized culture is the theme this week). 

Like I have time to read anything else but the above-described; but I’ve joined a book club, composed of some of the members and affiliates of Boulder Burlesque. We’re meeting tonight to discuss The Art of Seduction, and I’m interested to see what they all say about it. 

Speaking of Boulder Burlesque, their show for the Fringe Festival, another version of Pussy Grabs Back, is coming up next month. But that’s another post for another time. 

So. That’s my life right now. How’s yours?

Some ancient locks and keys that arrested my attention, at the Vikings exhibit over at the Denver Museum of Natural History.