Month: February 2020

PTMTs on the Outrider #7: Violence is Normal

And with that, we conclude the fantastic Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes on Friend Jason’s podcast, The Outrider. This week, Paul joined us again, and we hashed out the world’s problems tipsily, as we are wont to do.

Thanks so much for all of you who listened in, and do leave me comments here if you’d like me to finish those articles that WHQ isn’t taking. I need external motivation, or I’ll never get it done.

PTMT #7 on The Outrider: Violence is Normal

PTMTs on the Outrider #6: Mr. Mom

This week on The Outrider, Friend Jason and I discuss the Mr. Mom trope. Remember that for the last two tropes, we don’t have heavily edited & published articles, and not even outlines like for the 4th & 5th. So we’re hashing out the details of what the trope will be when written as we go.

Original descriptions of the 7

Outrider PTMT #6: Mr. Mom