Month: June 2020

My 20 Cents’ Worth on Columbo’s Top 100

Eminent blogger and cultural influencer The Columbophile has begun a series of “best of” posts about everyone’s favorite detective: Lieutenant Columbo. Before embarking on this Herculean endeavor, however, he consulted 12 experts/fans, asking them what their Top 20 1970s Columbo moments were (let’s just avoid talking about the ’90s episodes, shall we). Having gathered this data, he has concocted a Top 100, the first two posts of which are already published to his blog, here.

And the panel of experts? Some pretty awesome names: Steven Moffat (yeah, *that* Steven Moffat), Mark Dawidziak (who penned the most famous Columbo compendium, The Columbo Phile), Jenny Hammerton (of Cooking With Columbo fame), and… wait for it…


Yep, I’m on this stellar panel, and I am ecstatic to be in the company of such high level fanpeeps! Follow this series on The Columbophile’s blog, and I’ll let you know which ones were my choices as we go. Spoiler alert: none of them in these first two entries were on my Top 20, but that doesn’t mean I don’t agree they should be here–they are all fantastic moments, and it’s so cool that the clips of same are there to enjoy.


Oh, just one (hundred) more thing(s)…

Problematic Tropes on A Wandering Road: #4: NERD!

Friend Jason has opened up his blog to the continuance of the Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes articles, since we chatted about them on his podcast and since Writers HQ has discontinued their publication. And ‘cos he’s a nice guy like that.

So! Here’s the first on A Wandering Road, being the fourth of the PTMTs. Enjoy it here, and you can also listen to how it morphed from The Tale of the Nerd and the Neckbeard to just NERD!