Jenn Zuko is adjunct faculty at DU and MSU-Denver. She teaches courses in writing, literature, visual arts, performing arts, movement, and of course stage combat. She is the author of Stage Combat: Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theatre and Film, out from Allworth Press back in 2006. She can be seen performing on stage and in classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area, and online at Daily Cross-Swords, Writers’ HQ, and A Wandering Road, as well as archived on the defunct sites Nerds in Babeland, Your Boulder, and Sherlock’s Home.


  1. responding to https://jennzuko.wordpress.com/2019/01/ in which you disapprove of “the girl on the right” for misbehaving in ballet class. You are mistaken. The picture was taken by a photographer from Hallmark Cards after ballet class, and the girl on the right was not misbehaving as class was not is session. How do I know this? She’s my daughter.

    1. Oh really?? How cool! Wow I’m impressed my little rant got all the way to you!
      That’s great—I’m glad it was all fun unstructured play time. That’s super important in life too (especially for kids, but for everyone).
      Thanks for telling us all the context behind the photo opp.

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