Month: December 2016

Outrageous Fortune

To mollify you between meatier posts, please to enjoy the YouTube presentation of Outrageous Fortune. Remember about how badly recorded live theatre turns out and yada yada….



The More You Holmes

From: Elementary ep. 5.8

Event: Mr. Holder delivers a Beryl Coronet to Joan, to be delivered to Sherlock as a payment or memento of sorts from an earlier case.

Reference: From the adventure of the same name, we have a Mr. Holder and a mysterious Beryl Coronet. The circumstances of the canon piece are rather different than its appearance in this episode, but I and I’m sure all Sherlockians knew exactly what would be in the box when we saw Holder’s name. When Joan Watson commented on it being a crown, I have no doubt that all of us shouted at our TV screens: “It’s the Beryl Coronet!!”

I’m still here…

Hi lovely lurkers. I’m still here, never fear. In fact, I’ll be bringing you a review of Curious Theatre’s Hand To God before long. But I’m overwhelmed by emotional upheaval and also by the work that entails the end of the semester. I’ll see you at Winter Break.

This pretty much epitomizes my work these days: garters, grading, and beer.