Deconstruction Workers episode 4.1 (&2): academics on academia in the pandemic

Please to enjoy my latest guest appearance on the Deconstruction Workers. Part 2 coming soon! UPDATE: Part 2 is HERE!

PTMTs on the Outrider #7: Violence is Normal

And with that, we conclude the fantastic Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes on Friend Jason’s podcast, The Outrider. This week, Paul joined us again, and we hashed out the world’s problems tipsily, as we are wont to do.

Thanks so much for all of you who listened in, and do leave me comments here if you’d like me to finish those articles that WHQ isn’t taking. I need external motivation, or I’ll never get it done.

PTMT #7 on The Outrider: Violence is Normal

PTMTs on the Outrider #6: Mr. Mom

This week on The Outrider, Friend Jason and I discuss the Mr. Mom trope. Remember that for the last two tropes, we don’t have heavily edited & published articles, and not even outlines like for the 4th & 5th. So we’re hashing out the details of what the trope will be when written as we go.

Original descriptions of the 7

Outrider PTMT #6: Mr. Mom

PTMTs on The Outrider #5: Sassy Gay Friend

This week’s hashing out of the PTMT #5: Sassy Gay Friend (and his friend the Terrifying Leather Daddy), on Friend Jason’s Outrider Podcast, is particularly on fire. Not cos it’s flaming, but because it’s… well, it’s a wee bit more contentious than usual. In a mutually respectful, friendly way, of course.

This is another one that didn’t get a published article, though we did have an outline. Here’s the full old rundown, again, and here’s the video series this trope’s title is based on.

PTMTs on the Outrider #4: The Tale of the Nerd (and actually not really the Neckbeard since we talked about it)

The latest on Friend Jason’s podcast, The Outrider, is live today, lovely lurkers. It’s the latest in my series of Problematic Toxic Masculinity tropes, The Tale of the Nerd and the Neckbeard.

Two things, tho: 1) this article was never written nor published, as Writers HQ had a $ issue and could no longer accept new works. So all we had for our talk was a detailed outline. 2) since that was true, we discovered that the Neckbeard part of the whole thing didn’t really fit; that this trope is actually mainly about the Nerd and that character’s practice of what Pop Culture Detective calls Adorkable Misogyny.

So that’s super cool. Enjoy the discussion.

PTMTs on the Outrider #3: Bond, James Bond

This time, both Kathleen and Paul joined us for this discussion and….

Golly we sound hammered. Not that that should surprise you, for those who know this series…

Here’s the podcast ep, over on Outrider. Here’s the original article, over on Writers’ HQ.

Please to enjoy.

Thank you!

Good news, everyone enrolled in Stage Movement this Spring semester at Metro:

Since there were a few of you signed up that are graduating seniors? The department head went to bat for the class and IT’S ON, PEOPLE!

I’ll see you next week! In the meantime, I must go update my syllabus…..

Actual footage of me in gratitude to Scott. Or, actually, Jori & Gustavo doing their Rivals scene from the 2015 class. One of the two.

Deconstruction Lists

Over at the eminent and intellectual Deconstruction Workers, all of us who are called the Workers (those who have appeared on the podcast) have been slated to write Top Ten lists on any number of nerdy topics from the past decade. I’m planning two, but haven’t finished the second one yet. The one that’s up as of now is the Top Ten Biggest Developments in Star Wars. This covers the biggest things to happen to Star Wars between 2010-2019. Don’t @ me. Stay tuned for my second list, once I get it together…

10 in the 10s: Star Wars List on Deconstruction Workers


PTMTs on Outrider #1: Go Big or Go Home

The excellent and wine-fueled podcast headed by grad school friend Jason Quinn Malott did a whole podcast series based on my Problematic Badass Female Trope articles over on Writers’ HQ, and now we have completed another series, on the sequel series to those articles, the Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes, the first three of which also are on Writers’ HQ. This time, we had a few guest hosts that added their wit and wisdom to the fray, and the SO composed the intro/outro music for it as well. It’s been a heckuva lot of fun, and I can only hope that the release of this new podcast series will get the rest of these articles published. What say, Writers’ HQ (Sarah? Jo?)?

Here’s the first podcast episode of the PBFTs: Go Big or Go Home , annnnnd here’s the original article it’s based on: Go Big or Go Home.

For the overview of all the PTMTs, check this post from a while ago. Though I will warn you: the basic premises (and sub-tropes) have changed a lot since I’ve written and especially since I’ve talked about these with Friend Jason.